The Beginning Or The End?

I've officially been out of the world of media - or should I say journalism since technically I still work in media - for about a year now.  It took me being approximately two weeks removed from the industry to realize that I missed it.  Holy hell did I miss it.  Looking back, the 3 and a half years I spent working in sports journalism were 3 of the most chaotic, challenging, frustrating, enthralling, and wonderful years of my life.  Good or bad - I wouldn't change a single experience I had.  Okay I maybe would have gotten in a few less Twitter fights and reacted quicker that time I got tackled on the sidelines (s/o to Ryan Switzer for my first concussion) but you get the point.  I would however, have appreciated it more.

I was having coffee with a friend of mine ( YO Akhil you da bom dot com) a couple of months ago, telling him about how only 12 months removed from the industry, I miss it every single day.  Like ... EVERY single day.  I wish I had stuck it out.  Instead of the regular "yeah, that sucks oh well bye girl" response I usually get, his kind of threw me off a little bit.

"Ok ... do something about it."

Do something about it?!  What do you meeeeaannnn do something about it?!  I've chosen my career path in social media, there's no WAY I can do something about it now.  At 28 years old (uh, when did that happen) my fate is fully sealed.  I peaked in my early 20s.  There's no going back now.  RIP my career in journalism.  The end.  Goodbye forever.

"Start a podcast or a blog," he said, like it was that easy.

Hold up, wait a minute, maybe it is.

The one issue I had with working in sports journalism was that there were times where I felt like it was very limiting.  Don't get me wrong, I loooove sports.  I grew up with an older brother who made sure I knew more about Michael Jordan and the 96-97 Bulls than I did anything I learned in school.  I even did my 3rd grade book report on the man (so did Brock Miller and mine was way better SUCK IT BROCK).  But the longer I worked in sports, the more I realized that sports is about sooooo much more than the game.  It's about all the stuff that you don't hear about behind closed doors.  It's about politics.  It's about the players, the culture, the drama - it's about the entire lifestyle.  And boy oh boy trust me, it's definitely a lifestyle.

I've experienced some different-than-most-people type of things in my life (most of which I'm sure will at some point come out and be discussed during this whole blogging slash podcasting venture) and there are so many other things I want to experience; SO many other things I want to discuss and that is exactly why I'm here.  I'm hoping this blog can be a place where real discussions can happen and mostly where I can get all of my ridiculous, ranting thoughts out in a somewhat organized manner - and force you people to read them. PLZ READ THEM.

What's that?  Have I figured out a theme or at least know what kind of things I'm going to be blogging and podcasting about?  Eh, I think so.  Sports will definitely be involved, culture too. I assume there will be a lot of social issues that come up and things might even get a little political. Music too. There will definitely be several entries dedicated specifically to Tupac, my long lost soulmate.  Anyway,  first official entry is a few days away *dramatic music* stay tuned... (And I'm gonna try my hardest to make it not suck I promise you guys).